The Story of Gipo Sp. z o.o.

We tell the story of the daily life at Gipo Ltd - which is driven by enthusiasm all the way...

  • 2016
  • Regatta2016-09-17

    Sailing Regatta “GIPO CUP”

  • Anniversary2016-06-25

    Picnic for employees and their families with tenth anniversary of GIPO

  • New project2016-03-01

    New project for one of our customers in Denmark

  • New project – SCHREDDER2016-02-19

    New project for one our customers in Denmark

  • Trainees at GIPO2016-02-03

    We support young people and we have received an acknowledgement letter from Maritime University of Szczecin.

  • Return system for one-way packaging - Pantstation2016-01-28

    Our new project is working in Denmark!

  • 2015
  • End of the Year 20152015-12-28

    We don’t rest by the end of the year - all deliveries have to be send.

  • Turntable2015-11-25

    One our innovative solution – Turntable!

  • GIPO on TV2015-10-06

    You can watch us on youtube – "EXCELLENT – MADE IN KOSZALIN"

    [ Link ]

  • Hi-Messe2015-09-21

    This year on the Hi-Messe in Herning, Denmark we presented one of our roller conveyors.

  • Sky view2015-08-18

    The view from the sky.

  • Platforms2015-07-22

    We do not offer only specialized machines but also platforms.

  • Award2015-06-04

    GIPO has been awarded by the Minister for Economy.

  • Biggest project2015-05-19

    One our biggest projects. Roller conveyors for a big company in Hungary.

  • Press brake2015-05-18

    Next important investment – new press brake.

  • Job Fair2015-03-19

    Every year we take part in job fairs in Koszalin.

  • Plot for extension2015-03-17

    The president visited Koszalin and we bought the neighbor plot.

  • Chain conveyors2015-02-20

    New chain conveyors for our customer in Denmark.

  • Robots2015-02-12

    We bought 11 Robots and decided to give one away to the technical university in Koszalin.

  • 2014
  • Christmas decoration2014-12-16

    Christmastime is also time for innovation! Our self-designed Christmas decorations are different every year.

  • New construction2014-10-06

    We extend our services. We are building a new construction for our sandblasting line.

  • Achilleslive 20142014-09-16

    GIPO on Achilleslive 2014! We promote our company in Norway.

  • Sport Support2014-09-11

    We are glad to support such sport events like “Leśna Piątka”. Our medals were given to all participants – about 650 people!

  • ISO Certificate2014-09-02

    We have received our first ISO Certificate in April 2013. It is possible to follow our further ISO Certification on: http://www.certipedia.com/ - ID: 9105074266

  • Neon Sign2014-08-09

    Our new neon sign board – now it is much easier to find us!

  • Production range2014-08-09

    The wide range of our production possibilities – small parts and big constructions.

  • SUBCONTRACTING Fairs2014-03-27

    Our stand at SUBCONTRACTING FAIRS in Poznań

  • Ferris wheel2014-03-25

    So the car is packed and we are on the way. The custom-made Ferris wheel is an eye-catcher at the exhibition this year.

  • Plasma Welding2014-02-25

    We are now able to do plasma welding on a Migatronic Automat.

  • 2013
  • Transport Line2013-06-13

    Gipo made an automatic conveyor line working in minus 25 degrees – including installation.

  • EU Project for ISO certification2013-04-15


  • 2012
  • Stainless Tanks2012-06-11

    Gipo made big stainless tanks for a plant in Chile. They were sent with special transport to the harbor in Aarhus, and then by boat to Chile.

  • Investment of the Year2012-05-21

    Gipo received the award for "Investment of the Year" in Pomerania.

  • Air-Condition Units2012-04-11

    Gipo developed ATEX proof HVAC units for the oil industry in the Middle East for a big Danish company.

  • Welding Robot2012-01-24

    Installation and beginning of welding by robot, including two manipulators.

  • 2011
  • Painting Beginning2011-08-15

    The powder coating line is running and it's much more efficient than the old one.

  • Start of the Line2011-07-14

    In one end we put sausages and bread on stainless welding wires – 10 minutes later it came out ready to eat - Innovative Process Optimizing.

  • Installation of the New Painting Line2011-07-13

    We bought a new full automatic powder painting line of Ideal Line in Denmark. The line is equipped with automatic pretreatment and phosphatizing. In Denmark its allowed to put the waste water from such a line directly into the drain - but not in Poland! So the next investment was a water treatment plant. Poland is a great country so we need to take good care of the environment.

  • Trumpf Laser2011-07-13

    The installation of a brand new 4Kw Trumpf Laser with a liftmaster for automatic loading and unloading. What took 12 hours on the old laser, we can now do in 1 1/2 hour!

  • Doing the Floors2011-05-11


  • Ready for the roof2011-04-28


  • Erection of the Steel Frames2011-02-16


  • 2010
  • Basement2010-12-28

    It was a very cold job for the foundation workers.

  • Winter2010-12-15

    Once again we had bad weather conditions for construction.

  • Building Extension2010-11-23

    The beginning of tripling the size of the Gipo building! Sponsored by the EU.

  • EU Project for new laser and painting line2010-11-15


  • 2009
  • Conveyer2009-10-13

    Production of a big rubber conveyor, for fertilizing to a big Polish company.

  • The Beginning of PowerCoating2009-04-15

    In April 2009 PowerCoating Ltd. painted the first parts for a local client.

  • PowerCoating2009-01-19

    In 2009 a new sister company to Gipo was founded for powder coating of big elements. The company was situated in Bialogard 25 km from Koszalin. The new equipment was bought in the UK.

  • Painting2009-01-09

    A local artist made a painting showing the enthusiasm of the people of Gipo. She also made other decorations within the factory.

  • 2008
  • CNC Machinery2008-04-15

    After a successful beginning of the Sheet Metal Part – we bought new CNC machinery from Taiwan and installed it a year after the production began. We had a new CNC milling center for bigger parts, and 2 new CNC lathes, one with a bar loader and the other with a robot for loading/unloading , this one also got driven tools. Later we got more CNC milling and turning machines.

  • EU Project for new CNC Equipment2008-04-01


  • New Truck2008-01-13

    Gipo got its own truck, mainly to pick up materials around in Koszalin, but also to be able to make fast deliveries to our customers.

  • 2007
  • Installation2007-08-31

    Gipo finishes the first big installation for an assembly line - the customer was a big European company.

  • The Offices Were Finished and We Could Move In2007-07-10

    In the summer 2007 the building was finished and the desks were moved from the workshop to the new offices.

  • Production2007-07-09

    The first parts were delivered from Gipo in April 2007. The office was in the corner of the workshop. On the picture we are assembling for our first bigger order. Gipo had around 30 employees! The target was 20 within the first year.

  • Machtool2007-06-10

    Gipo took part in its first fair I Poznan in the summer 2007.

  • Press Brake2007-05-08

    By the end of April our new 300 Tons CNC Press Brake with 9 axes was ready for bending.

  • Offices2007-03-27

    The office was in the corner of the workshop, but who cares about offices – the workshop was far more important.

  • Installation of the Laser2007-03-26

    The engineer from Taiwan arrived to do the installation – poor guy was freezing a lot and couldn´t understand that all trees in Poland were naked – without leaves. By the end of March we began laser cutting.

  • New Machines for a New Workshop2007-03-02

    The first machine arrives from Taiwan.

  • Building in Snow Storm…2007-02-21


  • Errection of the Steel Frames for the New Gipo Workshop2007-01-14


  • Building Permission2007-01-07

    We received the building permission for the new Gipo building the 23 December 2006, and we began the constuction work right away.

  • 2006
  • Gipo was Created as an LTD Company in July 20062006-07-06

    At the same time the first 3 emplyees were employed – 2 engineers and one lawyer for administration. The two engineers began making drawings from the very beginning. Gipo ´s first office was very small, in an old building at the main street in Koszalin.