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Roller conveyor for three pallet places with three motors H=300mm

Roller conveyor for three pallet places with three motors H=300mm

Roller conveyor for three pallet places with three motors H=300mm

Discover our high-performance roller conveyor, customized for three pallets, with three motors and an adjustable height of 300 mm.

At Gipo, we specialize in customizing conveyors to meet each customer’s unique needs, providing the optimal solution for smoothly transporting pallets, containers, cartons and packages.

Three-motor roller conveyors are a good choice for handling large quantities of goods efficiently.
Sorting systems integrated with roller conveyors facilitate real-time monitoring
and data collection during processes – this greatly simplifies management and allows optimization of transportation. Whether in factories, warehouses or logistics centers, our roller conveyors provide unparalleled efficiency.

These conveyors can function as stand-alone units or be integrated into complex conveyor lines. Gipo roller conveyors handle a variety of pallet types. When upgrading a conveyor line, integrating additional conveyors and equipment is a simple process.

Our motorized roller conveyors ensure the smooth and uninterrupted flow of pallets, speed up production, transportation, loading and distribution processes, and thus provide a significant increase in productivity.

Gipo’s roller conveyors stand out as a simple but perfect solution for optimized logistics and transportation systems.

Product specification

  • Working width 900 mm
  • Minimum length 4170 mm
  • Height 300 mm
  • Spacing of rollers in axis CC=198 mm
  • Roller diameter fi 80, galvanizing
  • Transmission chain 10 B1
  • Speed of conveyor 10 m/min
  • Motor power 0,37 kW
  • Maximum pallet load 800kg

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