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Automated System

Automated System

Scalability, Accuracy and Precision

We provide tailored internal logistics solutions for factories and warehouses, each designed to meet the unique needs of our customers. Our commitment to quality and extensive cross-industry experience sets us apart.

Scalability is our forte; Gipo customizes, modifies, improves, and expands solutions to suit each client’s requirements.

Our automated conveyor systems, programmed with precision, mitigate human error and elevate production process quality and precision to new heights.

Paweł Więcławski

Head of the Engineering Department

Pallet transport system

We offer the design and implementation of dedicated transport solutions for any industry, designed for both technological, storage and distribution processes, where pallets are used to move specific loads.

Benefits of our Systems

The use of our pallet transport systems speeds up the internal transportation time and contributes to the reduction of losses and reduces the number of forklifts, making the transportation lines more smooth and efficient. 

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Our Clients

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customized projects

Transport systems for containers, cartons, packages

Roller conveyors and belt conveyors can be used in many production processes; from transporting cartons for packing to packages of various sizes etc. Transport lines equipped with readers speed up work where automatic scanning allows for quick and correct sorting of packages, cartons, boxes and trays. Sorting of parcels and cartons of different sizes is well proven in the TSL industry.
At Gipo, we offer customized solutions consisting of belt conveyors, roller conveyors and belt conveyors for transporting totes, cartons, packages. The internal transport can be carried out in one level or change the height and direction of transport. 

We offer; roller conveyors / belt conveyors / gravity conveyors / modular roller conveyors of flat belt type / modular chain driven / straight and inclined belt conveyors / vertical conveyors for parcels, cartons and containers / reversing and positioning devices / 

Automated pallet warehouses

Gipo’s pallet warehouses are stable, fail-safe and well proven systems. Our pallet warehouses allow full automation of pallet transportation for pallet dispensing and storage, and they are often used in warehouses with a high pallet turnover.

Automated warehousing streamlines and speeds up logistics processes, and has a significant impact on reducing errors and cutting costs. 

We can automate the product infeed and outfeed operations  using stacker cranes, turntables, depalletetizers, rail transport systems, elevators, roller and chain conveyors in pallet transport.  The benefits of automating internal transports are many; fewer errors from manual management,  real time inventory levels, ability to adapt to different operating conditions fx. high and low temperatures and humidity.

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Customized Solutions

Design and implementation of dedicated transport solutions for every industry

Automation of internal transportation in factories and warehouses allows for faster, more precise and more efficient movement of materials. Automation speeds up the production process and minimizes time loss associated with manual transportation.
Steen Glerup
CEO of Gipo

Objectives and Benefits of Implementing Automation


Time is a key factor in the production process; especially in food transportation, where it is important to preserve the freshness of food - especially perishable goods that require refrigerated transport.


Eliminates the need to manually lift heavy objects, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries to workers. The systems are programmed to avoid dangerous or collision areas with other objects.


Easy adaption to changing needs and expanding the scope of your factory. We design flexible systems to allow for easy addition or removal of production lines.

Accuracy and precision

Automated conveyor systems can be precisely programmed to perform specific tasks, which minimises errors, achieves higher quality and accuracy in the production processes.

Monitoring and optimization

Automation of transportation allows for close monitoring of the logistic processes; from the flow of goods, lead time to the productivity.


Faster production, lower costs and higher product quality are all key factors in a competitive market.