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The Ideal Automated System Solution

Achieving the perfect material handling solution for your business hinges on a meticulously crafted and fine-tuned process. Utilizing cutting-edge software, our Gipo engineers craft precise 3D models to make sure that the end product aligns with your specifications. We handle every facet of the project in-house, from initial concept to design and seamless implementation, effectively streamlining project timelines while offering highly competitive pricing. Our forte lies in pioneering automation solutions encompassing transport systems, warehousing, palletizing, and industrial robotics. Our solutions and machinery serve to bolster production efficiency and usher in a new era of operational modernization for a multitude of companies, with each project tailored to meet the unique requirements of our valued customers.

Meet our team

Working with clients all around the world

Consulting and individual approach

Combining knowledge and experience with market needs

Paweł Więcławski

Engineering Manager
Employed in Gipo since 2007

Andrzej Nowicki

Managing Director
Employed in Gipo since 2011