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We work comprehensively and in one location

From concept to design to execution, our integrated manufacturing facility streamlines all processes, reducing project lead times and enabling us to provide highly competitive pricing. We have the capability to manage every aspect of your project, from transportation and installation to SAT (Site Acceptance Test) and operator training, tailored to your company's specific needs

Comprehensive Implementation of Tailor Made Projects

Gipo excels in delivering automated solutions for transport, storage, palletizing, and industrial robotics across diverse industries. Our expertise spans from optimizing and enhancing existing transport and production lines to crafting customized, tailor-made projects.

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Over 20 Years of Experience in Automation Solutions

Unleash automation's power for your business. It boosts competitiveness through faster production, cost reduction, and improved quality, attracting customers and enhancing your reputation. Our services provide increased safety, scalability, and precision. An efficient internal transport system offers real-time logistics visibility. Analyzing data on goods flow and performance helps identify optimization opportunities for data-driven decisions.

"As a provider of internal logistics solutions for factories and warehouses, we have a very wide range of offerings for every industry. We are proud of our extensive experience and qualified staff. We know how to provide the highest quality services and meet our customers' expectations."
Steen Glerup
CEO of Gipo

Customized Projects

In our offer • Solutions in the automation of internal transport • Special devices • Personalized machines dictated by individual customer needs • Non-powered auxiliary transport trolley • Automated rail trolley Automated Platforms •

Offered Solutions