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We provide outsourcing services in the field of metalworking • CNC cutting & bending • Welding • CNC Turning • CNC Milling • Powder coating • Spray painting •


Gipo is a guarantee of high quality, reliability and efficient logistics.

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Metalworking services

 We are proud of our extensive experience across industries and our wide offer of services; we can do anything from structural components to machinery, and we are always up for a challenge, and we never compromise on quality.

 We work with structural steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

Each process is carried out in one single location

Gipo is a guarantee of reliability, efficient logistics and cooperation at the highest level of every stage of the project. Each process is carried out at Gipo, so we have full supervision of all processes; this shortens the time of the project implementation and allow us to offer competitive prices.
At Gipo we have a staff of skilled designers and automation specialists. Many of our outsourcing orders are based on the client’s design, in which case the design is meticulously reviewed and consulted with the client. This is a very important process before putting the design into production.
Through the use of advanced software and automated machinery, we offer unparalleled accuracy, efficiency and repeatability. Achieving perfection in metalworking requires a combination of technical expertise, meticulous planning and attention to detail.

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At Gipo we ensure the highest quality, precision and timelines. Each process is carried out in one location, so we have full supervision of all processes, this shortens the time of the project implementation and allows for competitive prices.

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Our Clients

With more than 20 years of experience, we offer our metalworking services to almost every industry, fx: Wood, Construction, Agriculture, Automotive, Shipping and Delivery Services, Fuel and Energy, Trucking, Metal, Global Oil & Gas, Exploration & Production, Waste Management, Aircraft Manufacturing, Vehicle Engine and Parts Manufacturing, Trucking, Transport, Shipping And Delivery Services.