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Coating & Spray Painting

Coating & Spray Painting

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Two Powder Coating Lines

At Gipo’s headquarters, we operate two precision powder coating lines. Our automated line boasts a passage oven and a three-stage washer equipped with iron phosphating for maximum efficiency.

Surface preparation, a pivotal step in the coating process, takes precedence. This step is particularly crucial for steel surfaces. Thoroughly cleansing and prepping the substrate through pretreatment guarantees optimal adhesion.

The integration of pretreatment and phosphating within our powder coating process proves to be an ideal solution, offering significant gains in productivity and product longevity. Through these processes, we consistently achieve exceptional adhesion and corrosion resistance.

Our facility houses an automatic line dedicated to painting smaller parts (1000x2000x3000mm) and a semi-automatic line tailored for larger components. We offer a comprehensive range of colors from the entire RAL palette for steel, aluminum, and galvanized parts. Moreover, we provide powder coating services based on both customer-specific and Gipo paint systems.

Gipo’s painting systems have undergone rigorous laboratory testing, adhering to PN-EN 12944 standards to ascertain their corrosion resistance classifications. For instance, our Gipo Painting Standard 5 has received laboratory confirmation of a C4 corrosion resistance classification.

Spray Painting

The spray painting setup comprises an enclosed booth for both application and drying, painting units, and a paint storage facility with environmental monitoring. The booth's dimensions measure 7.5 meters in length, 4.0 meters in width, and 2.8 meters in height. To enhance sustainability, the painting booth is fitted with a warm air recuperation system, enabling the reclamation of up to 80% of warm air. This innovative solution notably minimizes gas emissions into the atmosphere, among other benefits.

Gipo's paint systems align with PN-EN ISO 12944 standards and paint manufacturer guidelines

Independent labs verify corrosion resistance classes, while vigilant quality checks on surface prep and ambient conditions guarantee top service quality.