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Wide chain conveyor

Wide chain conveyor

Wide chain conveyor

Gipo conveyors, transport lines and special machines are made and customized according to individual customer needs.

The chain conveyor with wide chain spacing works well for transporting heavy and large goods and is used in transporting, for example, hay sheaves or peat.

We fulfill single and serial orders for chain conveyors of any size and configuration.

At Gipo, we specialize in customizing conveyors to meet each customer’s unique needs, providing the optimal solution for smoothly transporting all goods.

Chain conveyors can be a separate transport line, they can occur in integration with roller conveyors, turntables and be an integral part of pallet warehouses. We manufacture single units and fulfill serial orders. We match the conveyor to an existing solution or to a newly created project.

We operate comprehensively and in one place – from design to installation at the customer’s site. Our goal is to create solutions that optimize production and warehouse processes in terms of functionality, safety, efficiency and cost savings.

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