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Transport line for warehouses in freezing houses

Transport line for warehouses in freezing houses
Transport line with roller conveyors, lifting station and turntable in the cold storage

Transport line for warehouses in freezing houses

Take a look at our pallet transport solutions. The transport line of warehouse in freezing house presented here includes turntables and roller conveyors, lifting station and sorting systems.

The presented section of the transport line in a refrigerated warehouse with a vertical line was designed so that the transport of pallets does not interfere with the movement of forklifts and pedestrians. In the food industry, where logistics involves perishable products, speed of transport, proper planning of the transport line and appropriate automation of the system are very important issues.

Automated pallet transport streamlines and speeds up logistics processes and has a significant impact on reducing errors and lowering costs.

Automated pallet transport performs an important function in many industries and is used in the production process and in warehouses where there is a high turnover of pallets. Through the use of equipment such as stacker cranes, turntables, depalletizers, rail transport systems, elevators, and roller and chain conveyors, we can automate product entry and exit operations and have constant control over inventory levels in real time.

We offer dedicated solutions to optimize production and warehouse processes in terms of functionality, safety, efficiency and savings.

At Gipo, we design entire transport processes and integrate equipment into existing transport lines. According to customer needs, we can complete any project, including transportation, installation, SAT and operator training.

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