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Belt conveyor for handling bulk materials

Belt conveyor for handling bulk materials
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Belt conveyor for handling bulk materials

Vertical belt conveyor is a solution used in logistics to transport bulk materials, which are delivered in large quantities and without packaging. The belt conveyor is constructed to transport goods directly into packages such as big bags. We accept orders for single conveyors or series in any size and configuration. At Gipo, we design entire transport processes and integrate equipment with existing transport lines. We offer dedicated solutions to improve internal transport, speed up work and reduce costs in our client’s company. Our goal is to create solutions that optimize production and warehouse processes in terms of functionality, safety, efficiency and savings. We act comprehensively and in one place. From idea to design to implementation. Our production facility allows us to carry out all processes in one place – this shortens the time of project implementation and allows us to offer very competitive prices. According to the customer’s needs, we can carry out any project, including transportation, installation, SAT and operator training.
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