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Roller conveyor for three pallet places with one motor H=300mm

Roller conveyor for three pallet places with one motor H=300mm

Roller conveyor for three pallet places with one motor H=300mm

Roller conveyor for three pallet places with one motor, is an ideal solution for efficient transport of large quantities of goods. Our conveyors are tailor-made for each customer, offering an ideal solution for efficient pallet transport and also containers, cartons, packages.
With precise speed control and pallet guidance, we minimize errors, ensuring accurate product distribution and increasing operational efficiency. Sorting systems integrated with roller conveyors enable the monitoring and collection of sorting data, making it easier to manage and optimize the process. The use of roller conveyors works well in factories, warehouses and logistics centers alike.

The conveyors can exist as stand-alone units or be part of an entire conveyor line. Gipo roller conveyors are suitable for any type of pallets, they also have the ability to be set up in different configurations, and in the case of modernization of an existing transport line, we can easily fit additional conveyors and equipment.

Powered roller conveyors enable smooth and continuous flow of pallets, speed up the process of production, transportation, loading, distribution, and above all, increase productivity.

Powered roller conveyors are safe and speed up the loading and unloading of goods.
The simple and best solution for material handling

    Safety and walking plates can easily be mounted without any screws.
    Sensors and photocells can be mounted without any drilling and threading.
  • CABLE TRAYS can be easy mounted without drilling and threading.
    Direct drive on one of the rollers.
    Drive motor SEW placed under the conveyor.
    After loosen of two screws and removing the cover, there is a full access for maintenance.

Product specifications

  • Working width 900 mm
  • Minimum length 4170 mm
  • Height 300 mm
  • Spacing of rollers in axis CC=198 mm
  • Roller diameter fi 80, galvanizing
  • Transmission chain 10 B1
  • Speed of conveyor 10 m/min
  • Motor power 0,55 kW
  • Maximum pallet load 800kg

Gipo roller conveyors are a flexible solution that can be adapted to your company’s changing needs.
Contact us for a customized price.

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