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Roller conveyor H=900mm for one pallet place

Roller conveyor H=900mm for one pallet place

Roller conveyor H=900mm for one pallet place

All types of our conveyors and transport lines are manufactured to individual customer order. Roller conveyors stand out as an ideal choice for efficient pallet transport, making them invaluable in a variety of industrial environments such as factories, warehouses and logistics centers.

Gipo roller conveyors facilitate the smooth and efficient movement of large volumes of goods

Precise control of speed and pallet routing on these conveyors minimizes errors and ensures accurate product distribution, increasing overall operational efficiency. Our conveyors can be implemented as stand-alone units or integrated into a complex conveyor system seamlessly. This versatility ensures smooth and uninterrupted pallet flow, speeding up production processes, transportation, loading, distribution and ultimately increasing productivity.

Integration with sorting systems enhances the functionality of roller conveyors, enabling real-time monitoring and data collection during the sorting process.

This data can then be used to effectively manage and optimize the process

Gipo roller conveyors are designed to accommodate a wide range of pallet types and configurations. They also offer the flexibility to expand the system by easily incorporating additional conveyors and equipment, making them an excellent choice for upgrading existing conveyor lines.

Gipo roller conveyors are your dynamic solution, adaptable to the evolving needs of your company

Product specifications:

  • Working width S=900 mm
  • Length L=1400 mm
  • Height H=900 mm
  • Spacing of rollers in axis CC=198 mm
  • Roller diameter fi 80, galvanizing
  • Transmission chain 10 B1
  • Speed of conveyor 10 m/min
  • Motor power 0,37 kW
  • Maximum pallet load 800kg

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