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Project Category: Special machinery

Special machinery
Automatic Board Turning Device by Gipo Poland

Automatic board turning device

Gipo’s devices, special machines, as well as conveyors and transport lines are manufactured to individual customer specifications. We implement projects developed and optimized by our

Transport line for wood milling center

We offer a wide range of services for dedicated logistics solutions for factories and warehouses for every industry. Gipo conveyors, transport lines and special machines

Device for cutting aluminium profiles

All Gipo’s special devices are tailored to individual customer orders. We operate comprehensively and in one place. From concept, through design and implementation. Gipo’s goal

Half automated turntable

The half automated turntable makes work faster and more efficient during assembly. It’s one of Gipo’s many solutions for the window and door industry The

Production of metal details, parts and structures

From structural steel, stainless steel and aluminum, we manufacture components, machine parts, equipment and complete structures for example access platforms, transport carts. We provide metalworking

Access platform fixed structure

We carry out orders comprehensively, and manufacture access platforms in various sizes, according to individual orders. At Gipo’s headquarters, we carry out the construction including

Device for cutting plastic parts

Device for cutting small plastic parts including processing of cutting edges, part of transport line. The presented device is part of an entire conveyor line

Manual wood grinder

Manual wood grinder for adaptation. The range of our services also includes the production of specialized equipment and machinery on the basis of individual customer