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Device for cutting plastic parts

Device for cutting plastic parts

Device for cutting plastic parts

Device for cutting small plastic parts including processing of cutting edges, part of transport line. The presented device is part of an entire conveyor line for packing small parts into chain coils. The project is made to the individual order of the client.
At Gipo, we design and manufacture dedicated material handling solutions. We have a professional engineering department that includes designers and automation engineers. We work comprehensively from design through implementation and installation. At Gipo, we use Solid Works 2013 to transform ideas into designs, including CE marking. Our goal is to create solutions that optimize manufacturing and warehouse processes in terms of functionality, safety, efficiency and cost savings. At Gipo, we design complete solutions in material handling and integrate equipment into existing lines. According to the customer’s needs, we can complete any project, including transportation, installation, SAT and operator training.
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