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Assembly line for modular chains

Assembly line for modular chains

Assembly line for modular chains

The presented section of the transport line is part of a comprehensive solution for packing small parts into coils of a modular chain. The whole process involves building a modular chain by placing pins into plastic parts. In the final process, the elements are joined together to form a chain and wound into coils. The entire range of tasks performed during the assembly are presented in the video below.

At Gipo, we design entire transport processes and integrate equipment into existing lines. We offer dedicated solutions to optimize production and storage processes in terms of functionality, safety, efficiency and savings.

According to the customer’s needs, we can carry out any project, including transport, installation, SAT and operator training. We work comprehensively from design through implementation and installation. At Gipo, we use Solid Works 2013 to turn ideas into designs, including CE marking.

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