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Project Category: Turning device

Turning device

Roller conveyor with rotation

A roller conveyor with rotation in 90-degree increments is used to transport cartons and packages of various sizes and weights. Sorting systems integrated with roller

An assembly table with a lift by Gipo Poland

Semi-automatic assembly table

An assembly table with a lifting and rotating function. Such a solution can find application in many industries. In this case, we carried out a

Automatic Board Turning Device by Gipo Poland

Automatic board turning device

Gipo’s devices, special machines, as well as conveyors and transport lines are manufactured to individual customer specifications. We implement projects developed and optimized by our

Door panels assembly line

The presented part of the assembly line is a project implemented for the window and door industry. The line includes:• Automatic board turning device• Non-powered

Assembling line for doors and windows

In Gipo you can find a wide range of customized solutions for the window and door industry.We have been working with the window and door